St. Lucian Caribbean Sky with beautiful white building and palm tree.

While I love traveling the world,  learning different cultures and meeting new people, sometimes I actually like to have no plans and no expectations for my Holiday.

Recently I took a trip to beautiful St. Lucia.  What initially started as a group trip turned into an impromptu trip alone.   Devastated that my very close friend would not be joining me, I made the conscious decision to travel alone and ultimately this trip quickly turned into one of the most relaxing vacations I have had in quite some time.

In this post I will share with you my experience at one resort that made me feel right at home despite the fact that I was traveling solo.  If you are a woman who will be traveling alone and you are looking for the perfect place to stay where you will be safe and have a great relaxing holiday, then this resort is perfect for you.  If you are with your  family or traveling with a bunch of friends, this is still the perfect place for you.

Getting There

From the time you leave the airport in Hewanorra, St. Lucia, the drive to get to the resort is about one and a half hour over the mountains and through the woods.  Although the drive is quite long, it is very beautiful and scenic.  Halfway through the drive, there is a lookout point.  Ask your driver to pull over so you can take some photos.  This is one of the best lookout points during the drive but doesn’t even compare to the view I had at my resort.  I should mention when booking transportation to your resort, do not bother to trying to book a transportation company outside of the resort.  Also, don’t try to source a “cheap” ride.  Trust the provider.  In this case I booked at the Windjammer Landing Villas.  I just called them a few days prior and they accommodated me by having the driver waiting for me at the airport.

NOTE: Let me just say that I unfortunately broke my phone on the way home from St. Lucia and lost most of the photos and video I had saved on my phone.  Thankfully I had my camera and had taken some great pictures but WOW, I am still devastated about this.


I stayed at the Windjammer Landing Resort.  The afternoon I checked in, I immediately went to my room and was in awe…I almost didn’t leave my suite.   It was so lovely and exceeded all of my expectations.  I was thinking OMG, I wish my friends were here because this is such a beautiful view.  This photo below is actually the view from my balcony.

Resort on a hillside with blue water and many trees. White buildings with stucco walls and terra cotta roof


Ocean side resort. Blue water and white sand. Hillside resort lined with white stucco buildings and terra cotta roof

After settling in, I went down to the restaurant to have a bite before bed.  Something about the Caribbean air makes you crave the taste of plantains.  The staff was so nice to go and ask the kitchen to make me a special plate of fried plantains.  I took them to my room, laid on my bed and just let the breeze of the ocean fill my room.  The sound of the waves was so melodic, I was asleep in minutes.

Palm tree lined street, blue water and hillside view

In the morning I decided to go for a run.  I was still on work time so i was up at 5:30 am.  I slept with the balcony windows open so the rays from the sun hitting the water made a beautiful reflection.  I didn’t want to miss the sunrise so I flew out of my room and up the hill.  The trek around the villas was so lovely and scenic.  A few other joggers were out for a morning workout.  We were all enjoying the same beautiful sunshine and getting ourselves prepared for the all-you-could-eat breakfast buffet at the Firefly restaurant.







Breakfast at the Dragonfly

Vacations certainly spoil you.  I’m telling you!  I went home looking for someone to make me the perfect egg white Omelet like I was used to having every day at the dragonfly, Made especially for me to my liking. How could I ever eat another boring breakfast.

One of the things I loved about this resort is that you can pay for the all-inclusive package if you desire, or do each meal A’la carte.  I don’t eat a lot and my friends know I am cheap.  I just don’t want to pay for food I wont eat.  At the Windjammer Landing, you can have your meals as you like and the best part is that breakfast is always included.  Love that!



New Friends

My new young friend (who’s name I can not remember)  runs one of the tour businesses on the beach.  Very knowledgeable he was about the history of the Island and what places were best to go.  I absolutely had the best conversations with him.  I cant wait to chat with him when I go back.   We talked about everything possible in five minutes.  The economy, kids, how long he has been growing his locks and what life is like in St. Lucia.  Beautiful.

Buki and I

Meet Buki.  She’s Nigerian, from the UK, now living in St. Lucia with her beautiful girls.

Buki’s husband is the head Chef at the Windjammer Resort and he introduced me to his wife because he knew we would get on so well…and he was so right.  Buki and I met and I went to visit her Art Gallery.  Buki’s gallery is a compilation of art from only Lucian artist.  We actually did a short interview about her Gallery and how she got her start, background and so forth.  .

Buki has some powerful art in her Gallery.  I have added a few of my favorite pieces below.  Be sure to check out Buki’s gallery at the link below.


Leave your comments in the space below and let me know which of these photos are your favorite.

A relaxing day at the pool




There are many things that I did not do in St. Lucia because I was mainly there to enjoy my solitude and have some time to practice meditation and mindfulness.  Next time I will do a post on things to do in St. Lucia.  In the meanwhile, I hope if you decide to visit the Island of St. Lucia, you stay at the Windjammer landing and let them know Nakisha sent you.  xoxo




Peace and Love

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