Laila’s 80’s Skate Birthday Bash

Birthday Party Fun

I have yet to meet someone who takes birthdays as serious as my friend Laila.  Every year, without fail, Laila has the birthday party that surpasses all birthday parties!  This year, the theme was 80’s baby!  I was so excited to have a reason to put on some ripped denim and dress up for something besides Halloween.  Everyone showed up to have a good time and we skated and laughed all night

This is Laila, the birthday girl.  Her birthday is actually the day after mine.  Im December 31 and she is January 1.  Capricorns are the best!







Very Special thanks to Mike Schwartz Photo 

Catching up with old friends


What kind of birthday parties do you like to go to?  This was definitely the best I have experienced as an adult!  Comment below if you have a birthday party idea or have been to a party that you would consider to be the best of all time?


The End

Peace and Love

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