St. Lucian Caribbean Sky with beautiful white building and palm tree.

While I love traveling the world,  learning different cultures and meeting new people, sometimes I actually like to have no plans and no expectations for my Holiday.

Recently I took a trip to beautiful St. Lucia.  What initially started as a group trip turned into an impromptu trip alone.   Devastated that my very close friend would not be joining me, I made the conscious decision to travel alone and ultimately this trip quickly turned into one of the most relaxing vacations I have had in quite some time.

In this post I will share with you my experience at one resort that made me feel right at home despite the fact that I was traveling solo.  If you are a woman who will be traveling alone and you are looking for the perfect place to stay where you will be safe and have a great relaxing holiday, then this resort is perfect for you.  If you are with your  family or traveling with a bunch of friends, this is still the perfect place for you.

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Niki Takes On Miami

Miami is so full of fun things to do, but when you are in town for only two nights, it becomes tough to choose what to do next.

My friend and I went on a foodie/art getaway.  We planned a really cool itinerary and I ended up coming home with a cold, but we had such a good time, I’d say it was worth it.

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Niki Takes On “Salt Lake City”

Utah!  So amazing and more beautiful than I could have ever envisioned.  Who knew a business trip could be so much fun.  I have a lot to cover here and I took a boat load of pictures and video.  I hope you enjoy Salt Lake City, Utah through my eyes and book yourself a visit to this beautiful city.

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