My Bathroom Makeover

Nothing like a good “do-it-yourself” makeover to make you feel whole.  Seriously!  Most of us have dreams of living in a house that’s reminiscent of an HGTV home.  Sadly for me, I just don’t have the time or the energy for another project.  So while DYI may look appealing, I opt for scrolling through pinterest for something amazing and hiring someone to bring it to life.

When my husband and I got married, we decided we would move into his old bachelor pad that he has owned for 10 plus years.  If the term “bachelor pad” holds no indication for you, let me explain.  Imagine you have a house with just ample rooms to accommodate all of your friends and enough dogs and reptiles to make Dr. Doolittle feel envious.  Just imagine…  Now imagine your OCD wife moves in and wants to literally rip everything out of the house that would remind you of the fun times you had and  maybe (because she is nice), she would be OK with you keeping a small corner of the basement for your belongings that you just cant part with.  Other than that, everything goes!  This pretty much describes my house.   But, this is a happy story because the house is coming together and I am so excited to see my cottage dreams come true.

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Laila’s 80’s Skate Birthday Bash

Birthday Party Fun

I have yet to meet someone who takes birthdays as serious as my friend Laila.  Every year, without fail, Laila has the birthday party that surpasses all birthday parties!  This year, the theme was 80’s baby!  I was so excited to have a reason to put on some ripped denim and dress up for something besides Halloween.  Everyone showed up to have a good time and we skated and laughed all night

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How To Get Everything You Want In 2019


2018 was incredibly fulfilling!  I did everything I said I was going to do.  I completed a few things and started on a few of my other goals.
When I sit back and reflect on what has transpired in this past year, I feel exhilarated!  SOOOO many opportunities came my way and I was severely blessed because I held open my arms and received all that was offered.  I can tell you that I am highly favored because I never would have done any of this on my own.  My “Thank You” list is sky high.  I should also mention that this is not magic tricks or miracles but the product of setting goals, working smart and a lot of perseverance.  An old proverb says that “A vision without action is merely just a dream.”

In this post, I want to share with you my tried and tested 5 tips that when used everyday religiously, you will achieve whatever you desire.  “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.” – The Alchemist

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Dinner With Ben Franklin

Brain, franklin institute, museum, philadelphia

Sometimes there will be fun!
Last night I went to a work dinner at the Franklin Institute.  It was an unexpected,  enjoyable evening!
Tonight was all about the brain!   In fact,  you had to make your way through the neurons to have dessert.  Your brain is the command center of your entire body and arguably the most important organ in the body. The Franklin Institute did a really great job of making learning about the brain fun for everyone!

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