5 Lessons I Learned From Running My Photography Business

Running a business is not easy!  Especially when you are running a business while working full time.

When I decided to start a photography business, I really had no idea how I would do it.  I mean, I wasn’t even a professional photographer.  My only experience in photography was shooting around with my old Cannon DSLR or iphone.  I also knew nothing about the technical side of photography.  All I knew is that I loved my art and I clearly had an eye.  I was determined to make this happen.

Little secret, being a great photographer has little to do with taking pictures.  (Seriously)  To be a great “working” photographer I knew I had to treat this new venture like a business.  And you know how people say you have to treat your business like a baby?  That saying is so true but it means more than nurturing or caring for the business.  What this means is that just like with raising a baby, your goal as the parent is to raise this child to be a wonderful, productive adult because when they are productive they can give back to you.  The same is true with growing a business.  The goal is to feed and nurture the business knowing that when this business reaches maturity, the business can then give back to you.  It becomes a source of revenues that can power other projects or ideals.  In fact, you don’t have to be a slave to your business always stressing to figure out where the cycle of “hustle” ends.  I made a choice when I signed the lease to my studio that I would raise my business in the way that I raise my daughter, to be a wonderful, productive business.

So,  here are a few tips I want to share with you that has helped me grow my brand in year number one.

But first an introduction!


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Game Of Loans, Interest Is Coming

Game of thrones female sitting on the iron throne in a graduation cap and gown

Congratulations class of 2019!  This is so exciting!  Don’t you just feel the exhilaration, like “Yasssssss, I can actually have a life now!”   Celebration time…until you walk to the mail box and get that student loan bill…UGH, buzz kill!  So whats the deal?  Are degrees even worth getting anymore?  Fed surveys show that the median pay for bachelor degree holders is now lower than it was in the 90’s and more people (especially millennial’s and gen Z’s) are questioning if there is any real value to college.  In this post I will share my experience being an adult who paid for college out of pocket and why I made the choice to continue my education.

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Good Sex Can Help With Job Performance! Here’s Why.

woman sitting, lingerie, coffee

Yes, You heard me!  GOOD sex (not mediocre sex) is good for your work performance, life performance and your overall mood.  Here’s what happens when you go to work in a good mood;  you have a great day, you feel more productive, you feel sexier!  You notice that people are more receptive to you and what you have to say because there is a glow from within.    Great sex in the morning is so underrated and sometime taken for granted.   This is a short article but I know you will enjoy the topic.  Take a moment after reading this article to glance at the video below.  Sex Dr. Heather gives us an inside look at why sex helps with life situations and performance.

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5 Tips to Ace Your Next Performance Review

People sitting at table

It’s almost time for your performance review and your feeling a bit nervous.  Relax!  Performance appraisals are not supposed to feel like a trip to the principals office.  It’s more of an opportunity for you to gain valuable insight that can help you grow your career.   Performance appraisals are actually designed with you, the employee in mind.  It’s a metric system of sorts to help you understand where your strengths lie and how you can improve on them for the purpose of becoming a super producer.  In this post I want to briefly go over some tips that will (hopefully) make this a wonderful and motivating experience for you. 

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Career vs Passion

Ready to quit your day job, read this first!

If by some miraculous twist in fate, you have a career in a field that is also your passion, you are one lucky individual!  Unfortunately for the majority of working individuals in the US, they are not so satisfied with their day job.   In fact,  seven out ten workers are somewhat dissatisfied with their current employment as sited by the Pew Research Center.  Pew has also polled highly educated workers making over 75k a year and found that while they say they are happy with their current position, many do not take days off or end up forfeiting vacation time because they are overwhelmingly concerned about falling behind at work.  This has become the trend for more and more full time workers and subsequently has resulted in higher stress and less time for family life.  Now, don’t be fooled!  Being an entrepreneur is no easy lane,  but some people choose to do what they love and pursue passion versus working for someone else and never being able to call the shots in life.  So how do you know when it’s the right time to go?

Here is my top three things to do before you quit your job.  With the proper preparation, you could be on your way to being an entrepreneur in no time.  Just know, If you require a steady income and good nights sleep, you probably shouldn’t quit your day job just yet!

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Having Difficult Conversations…

How to Manage Conflicts and Negotiations

As a manager, there will always be times when you will inevitably be faced with having difficult conversations.    These conversation could be with other managers, superiors or with subordinates.   But, it doesn’t always have to be a dreaded encounter.   Your job as manager is to make sure that the interactions are smooth and both parties walk away feeling that there has been some resolve or at least a plan for resolution.  I can tell you first hand, nothing is worse than starting your day with a meeting that turns into a tug of war to express a point and ultimately you fall into a sour mood with the rest of the day being crappy.
I chose this topic to write about because I have not always been the best at having those difficult conversations.  Surprise!  In fact, someone was kind enough to point out to me how I always seemed combative and lacked the tolerance to work though issues.  I was stunned!  Of course I thought I was perfect and could do no wrong, (no, not really)!  The very next day I got myself a career coach and they helped me work through this very important defect.  I call it a “defect” because being a better communicator and taking a more systematic approach to colleague interactions is something that you can work on to mend or repair.  It only takes knowing the steps and implementing them and the outcome is being a better manager and co-worker.

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Ten Tips For Better Productivity

I like to think that I am highly productive with my time.   After-all I have the same amount of hours in my day as Beyonce (not as many personal assistants) but the point is, if she can do it so can you!

Here I have listed my ten commandments for productivity.  Follow these and you will certainly become a super-producer!

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