My name is Nakisha and I'm from South Philadelphia.  There’s no need to ask, YES I love the Eagles!  I have always had a love for fashion, travel and art.  I work full time as Director of Marketing for a group of neurosurgeons in the Princeton NJ area and I spend the rest of my time playing with my 1yr old daughter, doing school work and working on my passion.  It’s a busy life and I wouldn't have it any other way.  

Some people call me a feminist, I call myself passionate!  Passion for everything I do but specifically passion for uplifting our fellow women entrepreneurs.  We are a force, a mighty force that has come and smacked you in the face.  Such a huge difference from when my grandmother was kicking down doors, making sure she had a seat at the table!  Today I think it is so important to support your fellow sister.  Support everything positive she does.  Take pride in being a woman and go inspire someone or be inspired!

I created this blog as a way to support my fellow comrades.  The small business owner, the digital marketer, the makeup artist…the girl doing her wigs on youtube!  We are out here killin’ it and sometimes you need to see other women killin’ it.  Maybe you have had an idea to start a company but you just don't know what steps to take to get your plan going.  Here you will find the resources and positive vibes to make you want to hop up off of your chair and shout “I got it!’  Thats what you will find here and of course there will be fashion, travel and art because that’s my life.  I’m going to share with you the whirlwind journey life takes me on, the great and the not so great; I am hoping that you will see something here and it will inspire you to follow your dreams and be the most amazing person you can be!  xoxo  

Peace and Love